First advertising business in the world with its own social networking platform - FutureNet!

Each pack generates up to 20% profits!

Recommend services and gain commission even up to 15%

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As you buy an advertisement in FutureAdPro, you get guaranteed traffic to a website, which you decide to promote! Geo-targeting help your advertisement to reach specified target audience! Depending on who is a person you want to sell your product for!

If you don’t know what to promote, you should learn more about ClickBank, which offers even 50-60% provision on each one sell of other users products!

It is also worth emphasising that as you buy an advertisement on FutureNet social media as distinct from Facebook, you are free to promote any business you want!


FutureAdPro is a first Revenue Share program, which have its own social media platform! FutureNet has been working for 2 years and offers many possibilities of earning money. What is great, FutureNet in contrast to Facebok pay you even for spending time on the platform.


Using of FutureNet social media platform is comletely for free. After log in you can find materials for your business promotion and automatization e.g. landing page,video meiling, banners, rollups, flyers, presentations and much more. We haven’t seen such helpful support as in FutureNet in any other business.

If you want to use business tools like disc space, landing pages generator, blog, autoresponder, e.g. you will need Media Points, which you can buy in FutereNet.

Regarding FutureAdPro, to earn commissions on successful building your team you need to buy at least 1 AdPack. In addition you can pay licence fee in order to getting higher commission.


You don’t need to sell anything neither you need to recruit anybody to the business! Decision if you want to create team and reffer products is up to you.

You decide if you want only to make use of company’s product, take part in sharing company’s income from products sells or even benefit from showing new people possibilities and products which company offers!


Each one advertisement pack (AdPack) costs $50. Advertiser buying Adpack gets 800 views to his page, as well as possibility to take part in sharing company’s income from all sells of advertisement and other products. There is, however, a prerequisite to watch 10 advertisements per day. Advertisers pays for their advertisements and your contribution in company development is to watch advertisements the same as when you watch television or listen to radio. If not us, people who watch and listen to advertisements it wouldn’t be profitable.  The difference is that in FutureAdPro we all earn, not only the owner and a few menagers. Company share money with us as long as makes profits.

Advertiser who bought AdPack can receive refund even up to 120% of the price, so in all even $60!

5% of refund will go to special pull, which can be used to buy any product different to AdPack.


FutureAdPro and FutureNet give you many possibilities of earning. Buying advertisement you can earn selling your products or recommending FutureAdPro products so as to earn even up to 5th level in your team! First level – 8%, Second level – 4%, Third, Fourth, Fifth – 1%.

In addition FutureNet pay you for your time spent on social media platform!

A few words about "FutureNet Advertising Program"


FutureNet has been officialy established as a social media platform at november, 2014


Program Revenue Share – FutureAdPro, has been established and  its marketing plan attracted the biggest leadres from all over the World

What is FutureNet?

FutureNet is a modern and innovative social network site which combines the online sectorst with the most dynamic growth: Social Media, Multimedia, Online Games, Online Tools , Making Money Online. The platform is available in several languages!

Among other social network FutureNet has distinguished from others by the fact that 90% of its income allocate to users. Invite friends, post, leave like and comments, recommend, play, do what you have been doing on any other social media platforms and make money on everything!

FutureNet company earns from sells of advertisements, resales other companies games, selling their own games, online products, IT services, video production, computer graphics, sales of products in the online store and in the matrix program.

Soon advertising vouchers will be available, as it is now in Google, and when the company decides to stay and pay, you wil get a 20% commission and 80% will go back to Futurenet. In the near future there will be FutureKids platform for children with effective proof of identity to protect children.


Basic informations about company

FutureNet is registered in the Marshall Islands. While the head office is located in Wrocław, Poland. The company is owned by Roman Earthlings and Stephan Morgenstern. Offices in India was officially opened on July 2, 2016 .There are plans to open more offices in other countries.






Matrix program

FutureNet offers a matrix program which combined with FutureAdPro gives an amazing financial effect! During paying out from FutureAdPro 5% is deposited in the matrix at FutureNet. In the matrix program you earn up to 10 level and earn also on the “paratroopers” – referral from our sponsors who in a  three-way matrix came to us.


Jan Nowak joined FutureAdPro and bought 100 packages. He advertise, watch ads, and so for several months buy another AdPack with earned money . There comes a moment that he decides to start regular payouts. 5% of money payed out from FutureAdPro goes to a special account, until accumulates the amount of the package, which Jan Kowalski havent bought yet ($ 10, $ 25, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500, $ 1000).

If Nowak accumulated an amount of $ 25, the system will upgrade this package for him automatically . Another interesting information is that we make up 50% of the earnings of our direct people, if the person recommended by us earns $ 100 we earn an additional $ 50.

Keep in mind that if the person recommended by us, buy a matrix for $ 50, and we do not have it then he is not in our matrix.

Event FutureNet - Warsaw, 28 may 2016

Basic information FutureAdPro


FutureAdPro is an advertising platform which delivers traffic to our websites. The project officially has started April 8, 2016 year. With packages ‘AdPack’ FutureAdPro gives us great possibility to advertise for FREE, what you will learn in a moment!

Until now none of revenue share program has been so well prepared, with such a powerful products! There are many programs this type being esteblished every day, but FutureAdPro as a first program with its own social media platform deserves special attention!

FutureAdPro gives us an ability of geo-targeting, or ad targeting on a specific targeted group, selecting age, sex, country and language. This allows significant increase in the effectiveness of our advertisement.



Three options of earning with FutureAdPro


When you buy an advertising package ‘AdPack’, you get 800 views of your page as well as possibility to take part in sharing company’s income from all sells of advertisement and other products. There is, however, a prerequisite to watch 10 advertisements per day. Advertisers pays for their advertisements and your contribution in company development is to watch advertisements the same as when you watch television or listen to radio. If not us, people who watch and listen to advertisements it wouldn’t be profitable.  The difference is that in FutureAdPro we all earn, not only the owner and few menagers. Company share money with us as long as makes profits.

IMPORTANT: 5% of our profits is sent to a special pool from which money can be used only for the purchase of any product different to AdPack or subscription fee, which is not mandatory. You will learn about subscription more in a moment. Another 5% is taken during payout, which is spent on the purchase of matrix in FutureNet, which is bought automatically after collecting the appropriate amount.

Cost of advertisement pack (AdPack): $50
What you get: 800 views + taking part in compnay’s income shares
Daily earnings: up to 1% daily
Earnings freequently: each 15 minutes
How much do Adpack earns: $60
Conclusion of getting profits: watching 10 advertisements per day
Maximum number of AdPacks: 1000

Please note, that we buy a product – advertising service. This is not an investment, and wages are not guaranteed at all! Before registration be sure to check the rules!


FutureAdPro offers us as partners a commission from the purchases of packages ‘AdPack’ made by people invited by us up to level 5.

Every time, when a person from your team purchases a package AdPack, you get a commission, the % depends on your subscription.

With a paid subscription you earn higher commissions from invited partners and also you can buy more AdPacks what you can see in the table on the right.



In the case of subscription for $ 180 per year it looks like this:

  • 8% – of the purchase made by your 1-level partner
  • 4% – of the purchase made by your 2-level partner
  • 1% – of the purchase made by your 3-level partner
  • 1% – of the purchase made by your 4-level partner
  • 1% – of the purchase made by your 5-level partner


Image result for futureadpro commision table


Advertising in FutureAdPro works great! Add a link to your website, advertise and earn! The more views of your site, the more potential customers for your product. You get the ability to reach a large group of people potentially interested in what you offer.

Advertising in FutureAdPro can help your business to develop and achieve a much higher income, thanks to the return, which is paid in the form of shareholds, we can say that your ad is for free!

Questions & Answers

Here you can find answers to the questions the most frequently asked by our partners. Click any question to find the answer.

Rules can be found there, link: http://futurenet.club/terms

Please be sure to become acquainted with them before making any decisions!


In FutureAdPro you buy a product that is 800 views of your page. Profits are calculated each day after seeing 10 ads per day and its amount depends on the influence of the company. If the company earns nothing, then there is nothing to share with us, as there is no guarantee of earning.

Remember to purchase the product fully aware, also check what benefits you will get from its purchase.



Currently an AdPackack makes about 1% per day, so total 120% profit is after about 120 days. Before joining, ask the person who introduced you a program, whats the current situation, because the profit may be smaller or bigger.

Accepted forms of payment are: Bitcoin, Dotpay, Neteller, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Bank Transfer, 2Pay4You, Sofort, AdvCash, Payza, Western Union, Credit card Neteller, Payeer and FutureNet Vouchers.


There is no payout limits. You can pay out whenever you want. Payouts are realized up to 7 days, but as rule it takes 24-48 hours. Minimal ammount is 10$.


No, each person can have only one account. In FutureNet and FutureAdPro specific care is taken to prevent registration of a second account. Mutiple accounts are forbidden and it is equall with robbery.


Everyone can join FutureNet. Situation with FutureAdPro is a little different, available is only one account in a household. If You have account and you live with your brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband… They can not open second account. If You do not live together (you have different IP) each person can be registered in FutureAdPro.


FutureNet and FutureAdPro will never ask you to download anything via e-mail, or for your login details. To be sure, try to always manually enter the address of the page, directly in the browser.


Absolutely NOT! Participation in the program give you an amazing earning potential, but it is always associated with a greater or lesser risk.

Using the funds, which would have cause financial problems or borrowing for this purpose, it is not a good idea!


Interview with CEO - Roman Ziemian

You do not see the answer to your question?

Write to me! I will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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First steps in FutureAdPro

Receive a voucher of $ 10


Log in to your FutureNet account and fulfill informations about your interests, on the left side in the hobby bookmark. You will find a few categories: movies, sport, literature, games, musis, job, family and relatiosnhips. In retur, you will get 1000 media points, which are equivalent to $10 to replace for any company's product.

FutureNet marketing plan

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FutureAdpro marketing plan

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What does Lucky Team offer:

Full Support

You will receive help from all Lucky Team members! We will teach you how to effectively promote yourself online and build your brand. You will get a tremendous amount of knowledge in form of guides and personal mentoring!

Business Tools

Each Lucky Team partner will receive tools for business promotion - fully FREE! People who use them are delighted with effects and happy that they do not need to put the time and money into creating them.

New relationships

You will build new relationships, meet fantastic people, like-minded, with a large experience, meybe even these contacts will help you in implementing your plans and goals some day in the future.

As a partner of our group You will get everything for FREE!

Each partner of our group, who purchase minimum 1 AdPack receive a personal website the same like this one with possibility of editing. Website contains description of the project FutureAdPro and FutureNet with a ready emails, landing pages generator, place for your photo, contact information and referral link. There is also possibility of connecting your own domain. Thanks to this website passing information and recommending will be much easier!

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